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What to wear this season?

What to wear this season?
July 24, 2019 1550 Views

Are you ready for the new collection?

Stress, the new season is already there! You are not ready for it at all. You have already spent hours window shopping or searching online for new items to update your Fall/Winter wardrobe. Every year the same problem. You are always too late with buying new collection items which results in choosing the same basic items over and over again. And then you have found some items you love.. already sold out. Or maybe it is not a matter of time, you just simply do not know which print/colour/shape to choose. Which makes sense, it is hard to make up your mind with so many styles, fast moving collections and trends. That is why our Yoek personal shoppers are more then ready to give you a personal styling advice for this Fall/Winter.

For example you are the kind of person who loves casual styles. But never in your life tried to wear a dress. Because you were not ready for it. But every time the same jeans with a shirt.. You want to get rid of this basic look. So for once you would love to try a dress. Or you just want to know everything about the new trends and how to wear it.

There are 100s of examples which our personal shoppers can help you with. Just fill in the form on our personal shopper page and receive a personal advice.

For a personal advice, completely fitting your needs click here ! You can find an exclusive preview of the Yoek Fall/Winter trends 2019 if you scroll down. Our personal shoppers pointed out our three most important trends for this season.

Personal ShoppingPersonal Shopping

The Animal Print is always coming back. But this season it's all about animal prints. You can find anything with a snake, tiger, zebra or leopard print. Like flared trousers, dresses, suits and blouses. So there is a Yoek animal printed item for anybody, who loves it as much as our Yoek personal shoppers do. Easy to wear and to combine with some Yoek basics. Don't be afraid to try an animal print in a different colour this season.

We simply love the check print, especially in winter. Forget about simple checked blouses. Try something different, like a suit with checks or a dress. Is a whole suit too much for you? Choose for a blazer or trousers and combine it with a basic white blouse or colored t-shirt/blouse.

The flower print this colder season is all about big printed flowers. Yoek has a lot of different flower prints this season, like Magnolia, Iris and Rose. In any size, shape or style we have an item with a flower print. Our personal shoppers can find you whatever you like or wish.