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What fits your body type?

What fits your body type?
By Yoek October 11, 2019 4257 Views

At Yoek we create fashion for curvy women. But which shape fits you?
We all want to accentuate the right features of our body. That is why our Yoek personal shoppers made this guide.

Because we love all women, and we want that all women love themselves. With some simple tips & tricks you can change a lot!

Meet the Body Types

Fashion illustrations by Nadine Batista

Scoll down to find out what body type you have and what to wear with your kind of body!


Annabel has a small waist and shoulders. Her hips are wider and give her a curvy shape. The main focus for this body type is to create the right balance between the upper- and lower body.

Tips for Annabel


Olivia has slim legs and narrow hips. Olivia has a rounder belly and breast. The main focus for Olivia is to shift the attention to the lower body.

Read the advice from our Yoek stylists' below.

Tips for Olivia


Victoria´s shoulders are wider than her hips, she has a full breast and slim legs and butt. The main focus for Victoria is to draw attention to her legs.

What you need to wear if you have a body type just like Victoria, read the advices in the picture underneath.

Tips for Victoria


Xenia is super curvy. She has a full breast, butt and hips. The main focus for Xenia is to show off the right curves.

Find below what you should wear with a bodytype like Xenia.

Tips for Xenia