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Holiday Season - Catwalk Inspiration

Holiday Season - Catwalk Inspiration
By Yoek November 19, 2019 1371 Views

While searching for the perfect plus size holiday season looks we found plenty of inspiration on the catwalk.
We love to see all the curvy super models on the catwalk nowadays. Which of these four trends is your absolute favourite?

In summer we easily grab off-the-shoulder styles from our closet, but in the Christmas season we tend to pick items which are covering our upper body. But why only showing off skin in the warm season? Since the silhouette is both flattering and chic, so you can't go wrong when that invite for a glamorous black-tie dinner lands on your doormat!

Beads, beads. beads! Never too many beads or stones, when it comes to festive looks. Shimmer and shine with Christmas, New Year's Eve or just the entire holiday month! Plus; no need for any accessories. Since your new jewellery will be wrapped up under the Christmas tree, right? It's about time to give this (subtle or not subtle) hint to your loved ones now!

More beads, but with a minimalistic look by the clear, straight lines of the studs on this shirt. And therefore easy to style casually, with a pair of trendy flare jeans and cool loafers. Maybe an idea for holiday celebrations at work or your festive after-work drinks with friends?

The classic polka dot has been turned into an elegant, twinkling variant for this holiday design. Opt for a hint of gold in your shoes or accessories to be ready for your next event.

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