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How to wear the Black Flare Jeans?

How to wear the Black Flare Jeans?
By Yoek September 25, 2019 3499 Views

A black flare jeans is more than a must have. It is a wardrobe essential! Simply because you can style this jeans for every occassion.
In this blog we show you how to wear this jeans in totally different situations.

Same pair of jeans, same you, but another look and story.

The coffee-to-go look, is more like a cascual chic day-time weekend style. After a long week full of work and appointments you prefer a fashionable but comfortable look. Whit this outfit you are ready to hit the city. But first coffee!

The Black & White lunch look is a typical outfit for a stylish lunch setting. This look has everything; it is classy, modern and trendy. The biggest perk of this set is that you do not have to change your clothes after lunch. No, afterwards you are ready to go wherever and whatever the day brings you.

The Glam outfit is perfect for a night out. If you are going to the new hotspot in the city to have dinner, this the best look. Everybody will turn around when you pass them. Just a glamorous touch up and you turned your new favourite pair of jeans into a fancy look.

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