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Meet the Model: 10 minutes with our model Grace Brackstone

Meet the Model: 10 minutes with our model Grace Brackstone
By Yoek Yoek May 23, 2017 7058 Views

Grace Brackstone has been our model for the past 6 years. Grace is a proud Mum now and is expecting her second child (it’s a girl!). After being a model for so long, she now also has her own fashion boutique, Baby Box & Co London (www.babyboxandco.com), for the little ones. Let’s meet the person behind our pictures! We spent 10 minutes (okay, I admit, a bit longer) with her;

"How were you discovered?"

'Hmm...it’s a bit of a long story but I will try and keep it short and sweet. I went to see a spiritualist (physic) when I was 22 and one of the first things she said to me was “Pictures you sent years ago didn’t get into the right hands, you need to resend them.” I was a bit confused by this but then when I remembered I realised four years prior when I was working as a fashion stylist assistant at the Daily Mail in London my colleagues had asked me as a favour to pose for some articles, when the pictures came back they expressed that I was photogenic and I should pursue it, I took no notice and they sent my pictures to some agencies with my knowledge until they told me and I was so horrified lol - I never heard back. So a year after going to see this spiritualist I was approached via Facebook to enter a beauty contest, this rejigged my memory to resend some pictures. Now I knew I was your “typical” fashion model so I searched for Plus size modelling agencies and came across Hughes Model 12 I sent my pictures in and within two weeks I was signed and working my first job - I never looked back.'

"Were you interested in fashion at all when you were growing up? Or were you a tom-boy?"

‘I was always a girly girl but I could play whatever role I needed so if that meant getting down and dirty and climbing trees and watching football I’d be there and having lots of fun, but you can bet I was wearing something very girly. I loved fashion anything glamorous and exceptional, I loved the touch and feel of garments and I would often play dress up in my older sister’s clothes and my mum’s wardrobe. My interest of fashion really took a turn when I decided when finishing school I wanted to become a fashion stylist. I loved styling shoots and being part of the back stage team and creating beautiful images.’

"You have travelled a lot for your job, what is your most favourite city or spot?"

'I have been very fortunate and lucky to travel with my job this is true. I have 3 amazing location favs.

  • Cape Town, South Africa - I was there for a week, it was incredible and I want to go back and I will one day return with my family, the shoot was for a German catalogue and the team were fun and the job was great fun. I visited Table Mountain and I also rode horseback on the beach, memories I will always have.
  • Italy - We shot the Yoek S/S ’17 campaign there last June and it took my breath away the sheer simple beauty of the place. I am dying to get back there the trip was amazing.
  • Amsterdam - My favourite European City. I have worked for Yoek for many years now and I never get bored of coming over to Amsterdam I always enjoy it. The city centre is amazing and we have been so fortunate to shoot in some of the most prestigious hotels Amsterdam have to offer. I'm always telling people to go there if they get the chance.'

"Would you ever recommend your daughter to start modelling? (have you thought about that yet ;-) )"

'Ermm…I haven’t really thought of that one yet! I wouldn’t be adverse to it at all. Whatever either of my children wanted to do from modelling to rocket scientists I would be there behind them cheering them on as long as they are happy that's all that matters to me. Modelling is a hard job lots of ups and many downs you have to be very thick skinned and humble to last in this industry. However, it is also a gift I have travelled, I have grown have made some remarkable and unforgettable friends along the way. So yes, I would recommend it of they she wanted to do it - plus it’s the only one of very few jobs where woman actually get paid more than men.. ;-)'

"What were the reasons to start your own business? And do you like it so far?"

'Yes, I do along with a good friend of mine. We decided that we wanted to be there as much as possible for our babies whilst they were so young but both being quite tenacious young mums we wanted something for us too, we wanted the freedom to work at our pace. So, Baby Box & Co London was a great way to have the best of both worlds. It’s like anything worth having hard work but worth it. We will be expanding in a few years and hope to have our own shop but for now we are exclusively online. So check us out; www.babyboxandco.com'

"What are your dreams for the future? Do you want to do any modelling in future again?"

'Dreams, all I do is Dream that’s what makes me the optimist I am anything is possible in Grace Land. Well I want what every woman wants I want it all. I wish for children and my partner to be happy and healthy and for Baby Box & Co to grow into a thriving business. I never say never to modelling I enjoy it and I would love to come back with a bang once I’ve settled into being a mum of two.'