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Miss Y in Italy | La Bella Figura

Miss Y in Italy | La Bella Figura
By Yoek August 2, 2018 14200 Views

Dear readers, dear ladies,

A long time ago you have already met Miss Y, and as you might remember she spends quite some time in Italy. After some years, she is now getting more and more adapted to the Italian culture and you can see an Italian swing in her step now people get to know her in the small village she lives in, near the coast of Puglia.

She considers it as her task to tell you her stories, to show you how life can change if you look at it from a different angle. One of the main concepts she has to do with in her Italian life is ‘fare la bella figura’, something which cannot be explained in one sentence. It truly is a way of living, the Italian way of living. We all know Italians have a soft spot for aesthetics and beauty, not only when it comes to appearance but also in language (how sparkling does this sound: ‘Ciao Bella’, I do not know your reply but I would definitely blush when someone says that!) and in food (pure ingredients, the recipe of di mama, nothing from a bottle or package), but there is more to it. Because their life truly is permeated with ‘la bella figura’.

A lady living this life is real, she is the embodiment of this romantic approach, she has beautiful manners, she is kind to people. So it has not necessarily something to do with appearance, it has to come from the inside.You might be feeling distant from it right now, because life is demanding at the moment. The digital world, the course of life most people expect you to follow, the busy work- and social life you have to keep up, with all you got juggling it might be you are tired and stressed. And that is okay for now, but we would like to give you some tips & tricks to change, to learn you what we have learned from Miss Y.

Because yes, we were kind of glued to our phones as well, we were digitally connected 24/7 and we also felt the urge to do everything according to what is ‘normal’. We hurried through life like a hurricane and when we looked around we saw heads instead of eyes with a soul. It all influences what you radiate to others, and most importantly, how you feel in your heart and mind. From what we eat, to what we wear, to how we get to work, what we do after work, how we spend our weekends, but it all starts with how you look at life. Make it beautiful in every aspect. Go back to your basics, what makes you happy? And only one thing to do consciously for now; smile. Give a smile, get a smile! Put your phone in your bag and look around, make eye contact and show how beautiful charisma can be.

Because it has to come from the inside, we have another practical hint, which works both for your health and for a radiant glow; olive oil! For thousands of years people have been eating olive oil, thanks to many proven health benefits. Take four table spoons of good quality olive oil every day, it is the greatest antioxidant, to reduce the risk of heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes and to protect your skin.

Is pure olive oil one step too far for you? Together with the Italian Masseria Salamina, Yoek has already launched three beauty products. The hand- and body cream are formulated with extra virgin olive oil and rose flower oil. This nice blend is soft and luxuriously hydrates and nourishes the skin. Excellent to refresh your skin after a shower and before you go to sleep. The hydrating day moisturizer is formulated with olive oil and red grape. The facial cream provides your skin with a luminous, healthy appearance, to start every day with a happy glow.

At the moment, Miss Y is using olives from her own land to produce her very own olive oil, which will be launched in November ’18. All proceeds will go to a charity project, more details will follow later!

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