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Museum Date: Centraal Museum in Utrecht

Museum Date: Centraal Museum in Utrecht
By Yoek August 24, 2017 5981 Views No comments

Right now, you can visit the exhibition ‘Uit de Mode, de inloopkast van het museum’ (‘Out of fashion, the walk-in closet of the museum’). As women, we all (well almost all of us) dream of a large walk-in closet, with endless shelves and cabinets of clothes, and not to forget a great variety of accessories and shoes. Most museums have their very own, enormous walk-in wardrobe. Next to an art collection and archive, many museums have their own fashion collection.

The Centraal Museum has a major collection; of which they have made a selection of 100 of the most precious items. They own almost 10.000 items, and is therefore one of Europe’s richest collections. The exhibition has been lined up very lively, by not placing everything chronologically but to present modern, controversial pieces next to historic finds.

24 Aug 2017 05:13:15

But who is the person who decides what a museum purchases? This year a century ago, in 1917, noble woman Carla de Jonge made her entrance as a fashion curator for the museum. This anniversary is celebrated with this exhibition, in these days the job is considered as a serious occupation. In former times, jokes were being made about a ‘fashion museum’ but nowadays being a curator is no longer seen as ‘shopping’ items or collecting some nice dresses. It requires research and (historic) knowledge. In addition, displaying fashion has definitely changed over time, fashion exhibitions are not solely focused on the designer, but most of the times there is either a scientific or social idea behind it.

24 Aug 2017 05:14:15

The exhibition takes you along different individuals and professions, all connected to this curator and are therefore partly responsible for the influence of fashion within our society and the history we continuously write with it. The four angels are those of the designer, the consumer, the restorer and the visionary.

Caroline (with Carla as her usual name) Henriëtte de Jonge (1886-1972) was seen as the best dressed lady in town, not strange that she was appointed as the archivist. Her interest and promotion in costume history, made that she was striving for the extension of the minimal fashion collection back then. With her contacts as being a noble woman, she was able to convince wealthy ladies from the region, to donate lend pieces out. We are all wearers of clothes, in that sense we are all muses of designers. Only every designer has a different perception, and designs from a different source of inspiration.

24 Aug 2017 05:15:01

These days, designs sometimes do not even end up in one’s wardrobe, but goes straight to a museum collection after the show on the catwalk. The historic pieces which are presented in this exhibition, are absolutely stunning and sometimes tell an intriguing story. In order to maintain items like this, and to show them, there is a textile restorer. On Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday you can watch him or her at work and ask questions! They work on the restoration of different costumes, something normally only happens behind the scenes, because the fabrics are so fragile. If you will be visiting on another day; there is also a video which shows the repairing of one of the pieces.

23 Aug 2017 13:47:36

English writer Virginia Woolf once wrote; “Clothes are our view of the world and the world’s view of us”, and that is how it is; it is the literal translation of our zeitgeist in our appearance and in clothes. Today, there is more and more attention for new materials, a focus on sustainability and trends are more volatile. We personally thought the video-interview with Dutch young designer Iris van Herpen was fascinating, in which she frankly tells about her choice for certain fabrics and her major passion for designing.

Feeling like having a fashionable, but educational trip? This beautiful exhibition is still on until the 22nd of October. And, if you have little children or grand children, the Miffy Museum is on the opposite side of the street! Centraal Museum, Agnietenstraat 1, 3512 XA Utrecht, The Netherlands

24 Aug 2017 05:13:45