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Museum Date: Fashioned from Nature

Museum Date: Fashioned from Nature
By Yoek September 6, 2018 13485 Views

At the beginning of August we had our annual trip to London, only a short visit but we mostly try to squeeze as much in these hours as we can! This time we first went to the Victoria and Albert Museum; you might remember our trip to the same museum for the Balenciaga exhibition last year.

We took an early morning flight and went straight to the museum in South Kensington. We were planning to go to Frida Kahlo and to Fashioned from Nature, two exhibitions which caught our eye while browsing for the nicest art exposures of the moment. But life should not be fun without unexpected events, and we always say everything happens for a reason…..but yes we were kind of disappointed when we found out the Frida Kahlo exhibition was sold out until September! We can only think of how beautiful it must be, so if you are around, book your tickets on time (or stand in line in the morning, they do sell a certain amount of tickets per day).

And yes it is probably so popular for a reason, since the ‘Frida Kahlo (1907-1954): Making Her Self up’ exhibition presents an outstanding collection of personal artefacts and clothing of the iconic artist from Mexico. It has been locked away after Frida died, and has never been exhibited outside of Mexico before. All these belongings were discovered in her blue Mexican house, when opening cupboards and storerooms which had remained sealed for over fifty (!) years. Frida is still considered as a true style icon thanks to her vibrant taste and love for colour, eclectic prints and jewellery. The exhibition will be on until the 4th of November 2018.

The other exhibition, we luckily were able to visit, is ‘Fashioned from Nature’, which explores the complex relationship between fashion and nature from the 1600s until now. It presents the intriguing relation, from fabrics like cotton, silk, wool and linen to exquisite garments and accessories by Dior and Dries van Noten, drawing inspiration from nature. The beauty and diversity of nature have been a rich source of inspiration for textile design during the past centuries.

The exhibition makes you think about the garment you are wearing at that particular moment, and what about that smooth, silk dress you love so much? But where do our clothes come from? We tend to think of our own closet, what we see in fashion magazines, and in our most favourite shops, but we forget about the source of our clothes and the direct connection with the natural world. In the 1900s, new transport methods made that people got literally more access to the world and it led to the wide spread of books, but also a boom in collecting natural specimens like plants from abroad. The mystery and power of nature remain important sources of inspiration for artists and designers. Many clothes and accessories reflect fashion’s response to nature, from colours to fabrics.

Since the 20th century, innovations in technology have enabled new ways of interacting with nature, from cheap air travelling to television and digital developments, we are able to bring far-away places to our homes. From then it went quick, in the fashion industry ready-made garments became the norm and high-street chain stores were rising rapidly. Today, we cannot imagine how our ancestors have lived in a world without all these things we mostly take for granted. In our new P O R T R A I T S collection we are focusing on natural fabrics, fibres and colours. For us it is the introduction of a minimalist aesthetic collection with all your essentials for years to come, not just for one season. An array of designs with fluent silhouettes, in solid shades and crafted from pure materials. Sometimes we need to go back to basics, not only in our minds, but also in appearance. We say; clean lines and soft structures! The exhibition will be on until the 27th of January 2019.

After strolling through the museum and the city, we prepared ourselves for a fun night out! We went to one of our favourite London restaurants Sketch, in Conduit Street (Mayfair) for a lovely late night dinner in The Gallery. Quite possibly the only restaurant where we would like to live (yes, live!). Breath-taking surroundings, going to the ladies in real-life eggs, and funny art. Oh and yes, the food is delicious as well!