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Personal shopper - Party edition

Personal shopper - Party edition
By Yoek November 8, 2019 1426 Views

Everybody knows that the month December is always fully planned with parties, dinners and other events. We all love these occasions, but it is hard to find yourself different party outfits with a full agenda. But our personal shoppers would love to help you finding the perfect plus size party look!

Would you like to get some help finding the perfect holiday season wardrobe? Fill in a personal shopper request (find the link below). Our personal shoppers are specialized in plus-size fashion.

Describe your personal style to our personal shoppers. For which occasion do you need the perfect party outfit? Do you love to wear dresses to a party or are you more into an outfit consisting of multiple layers? Tell our personal shoppers what your favourite colours are. In short; let us know how your perfect party look would look like and we are more than ready to help you!

Click here to fill in your personal shopper request

Personal Shopper

Party look by Roos

'My biggest holiday season crush is lace. Lace creates a feminine and romantic look. That is why I love to combine lace with leather. This creates a fashionable contrast. Finish the look by combining this look with accessories in a bright colour.

Party look by Dana

‘I am not always in the mood the wear a dress or a skirt to a party. That is why I like to wear a party outfit with a luxe pair of trousers. These bootleg trousers are perfect to get dressed up for a party. This pair has a luxurious appearance because of the material and the shape. Combine the trousers with this gorgeous copper coloured lurex jacket & you are ready to go!’

Party look by Marisa

'During holiday season I love to wear festive dresses. This sequin dress immediately brings me in a party mood. The dress is an eyecatcher, that is why I combine this dress with black heels and silver earrings. You do not need anything else!’