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PREVIEW | Mid-Winter Collection 2019

PREVIEW | Mid-Winter Collection 2019
By Yoek September 19, 2019 4853 Views

This mid-winter collection we have added some bold, abstract and vibrant prints to our collection. Bright and dark colours; you can find a great variety of shades this mid-winter. Also a new Miss Y collection is waiting for us. Only a short time left until the collection will be live!

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Lea, is the bold leo print with graphic leopard spots. This brightly coloured print is a combination of two contrasting hues. The warm red colour forms a trendy combination with the classic dark navy shade. Find different styles in the Lea print. Such as this sporty chic blouse-dress. But also some classic Yoek styles, like a wide bottom tunic.

This over-sized sweater is part of the new Miss Y collection. An over-sized sweater like this N °3 sweater, can be combined with a pair of printed trousers. But you can also choose for dark black tights. We love maxi sweaters, because it immediately gives us a cozy feeling. Perfect for a winter day in the city.

“Shine bright like a diamond” whit the sequined items in our Yoek mid-winter collection. The sequins will shimmer as you move, when they catch the light. Who does not love sparkles in the winter season? These grey and dark days ask for something that lights up your life. We think you just have found your new winter sparkle!

This Lianne print has a vibrant and abstract design, we call it twisted rope. The cool colours alternated with the warm orange lines are creating a unique look. A perfect print for different skin colours, because of the colour usage. We have created a tunic, shirt and dress in this print for you.