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The Fabric Guide

The Fabric Guide
By Yoek March 12, 2019 1996 Views

We make use of a great range of different fabrics for our fashion collections. In the Fabric Guide, our new section in the Style Guide, we explained Yoek's most important fabrics. In this blog we're highlighting the dolce fabric, our most used material, and our summer favourite; linen!

The dolce material is one of our most used fabrics, consisting of micro polyester with elastane. The soft and comfortable material is used in every collection, in uni colours as well as in printed styles, as you can see in this chic outfit. We have a lot of basics in the dolce fabric, but some of our dolce styles are embellished with beautiful beads or sparkling stones. For example, the sleeves of this dolce shirt are finished with pearls and fringes. The Claudia trousers are printed with leaves and flowers for a romantic touch. Thanks to the stretchy dolce fabric, our trousers are super comy to wear!

  • - 30%

    Shirt wide pearl trimmings DOLCE

    €195.00 €136.50
  • - 50%

    Trousers long CLAUDIA

    €125.00 €62.50
  • https://www.yoek.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/small_image/600x/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/b/4/b4027-210-small-exclude.jpg

    Tunic flare short sl DOLCE


Since a few years, we are using linen in every summer collection. Linen is a natural product made from cellulose fibres of the flax plant. Since linen dries fast and is breathable, it is perfect for warm-weather days. You can recognize the linen styles by the ‘natural’ sign. This season we also have some lovely linen styles with a summery tulip pattern! Mix and match our linen styles to create a comfortable and classic look. Most of our uni linen styles are available in different colours; cobalt blue, navy, black or white.

  • - 30%

    Tunic pleat LINEN

    €169.00 €118.30
  • - 50%

    Trousers TULIP

    €155.00 €77.50
  • - 30%

    Dress beaded placket LINEN

    €165.00 €115.50

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