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The Star Interview: Rebecca Siemoneit-Barum

The Star Interview: Rebecca Siemoneit-Barum
By Yoek August 14, 2017 8445 Views

14 Aug 2017 08:50:41

Rebecca Siemoneit-Barum is the daughter of the director of Circus Barum, one of the largest travelling circuses in Germany. From being a circus daughter she has grown into a famous German TV-Star. Since 1990 Rebecca played the role of ‘Iffi’ in the popular TV-series ‘Lindenstraße’. And this year, in 2017, Rebecca took part in the music show of RTL, ‘It takes 2’, in the great finale she ended as a glorious second. Since a while we are in touch with Rebeccan and we asked her some questions!

“You are very famous in Germany, but can you tell your story for our other readers?”
‘I was born as a circus child, my father owned one of the biggest traveling circuses in Germany. I started working as an actress by the age of 12 and have starred in a leading role in germanys favourite soap opera," Lindenstrasse" ever since.’

Millions of viewers see me on tv every sunday evening but I also appear on stage as a singer and performer.’

“On which project do you work at the moment?”
‘Besides my work for 'Lindenstrasse" on TV, I am performing Concerts as a Jazz Singer and recording childrens plays as a speaker.’

“You have a blog ‘Rebellinnen’, what do you want to reach with this?”
‘My blog " Rebels" is about women empowering and supporting women. It's about everything that bothers a woman during her life, makes her laugh, happy or sad.’

“How do you find a balance between your working and private life?”
‘I enjoy working so much, I get depressed if I'm not busy.But I think this is typical for people in Showbusiness, you kind of melt in with your work life and make it an," art of living". Even when I enjoy a day off I watch a lot of TV or go to the theatre and visit shows of my friends performing.’

14 Aug 2017 08:37:15

“What do you clothes and your appearance mean to you? And how would you describe your style?”
‘It's important for me to look and feel good and especially if I can dress in my individual style at the same time. I like to dress cool but lady like, I want to be glamorous but comfortable at the same time. This has not been easy but Yoekfashion helps me to show off my curves but feel relaxed at the same time. I'd call my style a Glam-Hippie look!’

“Do you choose your looks yourself, or do you have a stylist?”
‘My private look is completely my own business but for my actress jobs my clothes are of course chosen by the costume designer according to the screenplay. For big tv shows there are often stylists who advise me for what looks good on camera.’

“What is your life motto?”
‘Always be grateful for what you have and always do whatever you please - just don't get caught.’

14 Aug 2017 08:43:44

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