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Trending Now: The Versatile Summer Blouse

Trending Now: The Versatile Summer Blouse
By Yoek July 13, 2018 4619 Views

Those days in Europe when it is sunny, but not hot. Those mornings when you wake up and you do not know what to wear?
I guess every single lady recognizes this feeling and the thoughts which linger in your mind while standing in front of your closet 'I have absolutely nothing to wear' and either you or your husband has to laugh because your closet is absolutely stuffed with endless piles and a you have a serious shortage of hangers. At least, I do have those days regularly! And therefore I thougt I better add a new style to our Yoek Boutique collection.

Johanna in her favourite blue blouse

So we now have a style for these mornings, which will always be right! Together with my team I have designed versatile blouses which can be worn at work, but I also like to wear them during my long trips, because they feel light on the skin, which is crucial in an airplane. And together with the new MY Denim jeans, from boyfriend to skinny, I feel casual but still look chic.

And that is exactly what I need mostly, because my mind is full with ideas and it is an exciting time with designing all new collections. The last thing you need then, is to feel uncomfortable in what you wear! And just switch from sneakers to heels when leaving the plane or your car, depending on your plan for the day!

This is my favourite, which is yours?

Happy Summer ladies!



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    Blouse stripe

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    Blouse big stripe

  • https://www.yoek.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/small_image/600x/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/7/5/753787-201-small-exclude.jpg

    Blouse casual uni