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Things to Love: Beauty Book ‘Flawless’ by Amanda Rijff

Things to Love: Beauty Book ‘Flawless’ by Amanda Rijff
By Yoek May 23, 2017 6585 Views

For our photo shoots we always work with the same people, from hairdresser to photographers and make-up artists. We have been working together with make-up artist Amanda Rijff for several years, and we have been following her in her professional journey all along. We knew she was working on her very own book since she went with us on a shoot to Italy last year. Last Friday, her hard work paid off, since we were invited to the spectacular book launch in Hotel L'Europe (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)! We know Amanda as a vibrant, happy, beautiful person and her book reads like her bubbly being. The 'Flawless' book is filled with beauty tricks, inspiring stories and she takes you with her through her past. According to Amanda, a flawless face is not only reached by using the right beauty products, but also by releasing an inner sparkle (shine from the inside). The book is finished with bright, colourful drawings.

Perfect to give as a present (or spoil yourself); 'Flawless' by Amanda Rijff