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Spotted trend | Hyper-Realistic Florals

Spotted trend | Hyper-Realistic Florals
By Yoek October 4, 2019 4571 Views

The Trend
At Yoek we love floral prints. We can think of 1000 variaties with floral prints. Usually the most popular time of the year for floral designs naturally is the spring season, when flowers are blooming outside as well. Although we love to wear florals the whole year, we were pleasantly suprised by all the florals we spotted on the catwalk. And not only in printed designs!

This season, famous designers have created a twist on the classic flower print. Forget about the tiny, cute, girly flower designs also known as 'ditsy florals'. Nowadays the florals have to look super realistic. 'Hyper realistic florals' is how the trend is called. Brands such as Dries van Noten, Prada, Valentino and Yuna Yang have showcased this trend on the catwalk. The trend has a romantic feel, because of the colour pallette and the dramatic pictured details of the flowers such as stems and thorns.

Street Style
Not only the runway is full of the hyper realistic flower trend, also fashionistas, in streets of the most trendy cities, wear it. Cool thing about this trend is that you can wear it however you want to. Either if you are in for a highly fashionable outfit or a more laid back look. Dress how you feel, like the style influencers do.

Yoek Trend
This season you can find a lot of hyper realistic bold flower prints in the collection. You can even find the on the catwalk spotted Artichoke in the Vera print. Combine the items with some Yoek basics, jeans, our DOLCE dresses, or tops in Fall/Winter colours, such as petrol, purple or brique.