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Trend Shopping: Silver Crush

Trend Shopping: Silver Crush
By Yoek November 20, 2017 3437 Views

After the cool, sporty baseball jacket trend we are adding a bit of space to our looks! We have a major crush on silver at the moment - which was one of the highlights in this season's runway shows. The futuristic colour was used for entire high-shine ensembles; silver from head-to-toe. But we think a glittery, silver accent as a jacket is perfect, instead of turning yourself into an astronaut ;-) The crushed silver jackets are finished with ribbed borders in black and white. The only choice you have to make is; short....or long? Long....or short? Let's say we have faced dilemmas which were worse! Short is perfect to wear with tight skirts and skinny jeans, long is your choice if you like baggy a bit more (and if you prefer to hide your bum).

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    Jacket silver

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    Jacket baseball long silver

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