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Welcome to The Magazine: Stories by Yoek

Welcome to The Magazine: Stories by Yoek
By Yoek May 23, 2017 4731 Views

For several years we have created our online magazine, but we felt there was need for a change. And don’t they say; where one door closes, a new window opens? And that’s exactly how it is! We say goodbye to our familiar magazine, but don’t you worry; we are launching something more vivid and will have things for you to read more often. From today onwards, we have our very own blog for you to follow! So, from now on you do not have to wait for the new magazine to arrive in your inbox! The Magazine: Stories by Yoek is available 24/7 and will be updated weekly, with the newest trends, things we love, places to see and interviews with people we like.

Happy reading!