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Yoek Fits: Relax

Yoek Fits: Relax
By Yoek April 5, 2018 4687 Views

In three different blogs we will explain Yoek's most important fits, so you can select your favourite one! In this last blog, we will tell you everything about our relaxed fit. You can recognize this fit by the term relax in the product name. The other fits are also mentioned in the product name of the items or in the description. In this way you can easily find the fit you like in every new collection. You can read the first blog about the wide bottom fit here, and click here to read the blog about the flare fit!

The relax or ‘relaxed’ style is the newest and shortest out of our three fits, the shirts are approximately 10 cm shorter than our flare fitted tops. The relax shirts are not completely tight, but also not wide. They are slightly tailored and have a hip-length.

Because the relaxed fit is a bit shorter than most of our other tops, it is best to combine these shirts with jeans or a skirt. Do you want to style your outfit in a fashionable way, then tuck the shirt into your skirt of trousers. The shirts with our relaxed fit are also great to wear underneath any cardigan or blazer.

The relaxed fit is very suitable for women with an hourglass figure, because the fit of these tops accentuate the waist and let you really show off your curves! If you have a straighter figure, the relaxed shirts are also a great choice. Short, tailored shirts look beautiful on this straight body type, because they create an optical waist and focus on the hips.

If you still have questions about our fits or sizes after reading this blog, take a look at our size guide or contact us. Would you like to receive style advice based on your personal wishes? Contact our personal shopper, who is always happy to help you with all of your fashion questions!

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    Shirt relax stars DOLCE

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    Singlet relax strass DOLCE

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