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Yoek in Africa II

Yoek in Africa II
By Yoek August 23, 2019 2398 Views

Since we have written about our charity project ‘Oil for Education’ in Kenya before, we want to keep you updated on the progress! Hereby we can happily announce that a girl’s dormitory has been opened only a few weeks ago. The festive opening (with lots of music and dancing) was not only attended by the girls, but also by the most important members in the community and the priest who was there to bless the newly built dorm.

It feels like such a great reward, after selling olive oil from our very own land in Italy to so many people, that we can actually look at a building which even means so much more to the girls; a safe place, a happy place, a place where they can be their selves. They do not have to walk home anymore every single evening. We cannot even imagine what it would be like if our daughters would be confronted with danger every day.

The large two-floor dormitory contains plenty of sleeping accommodations and bathrooms. But this great achievement is not the end of our great mission! Now we have completed this project, we are working towards a new goal by collecting money to improve the hygienic conditions and medical equipment of the local hospital.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you all for buying the olive oil, your donations and all sweet messages we received when we started cooperating in this project! It means the world to us; the great support stimulates us all to move forward and to take this project to another level step by step, together with the other two fundraisers.

As you might understand, we still need your support to do this! We have just received a new shipment of fresh olive oil, so hopefully we can go back soon and inform you with more good news.

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