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Yoek Kitchen: Crostini's with figs and ricotta

Yoek Kitchen: Crostini's with figs and ricotta
By Yoek August 14, 2018 3227 Views

Figs and dates are fruits eaten far too little in the Western part of the world, when you ask me! It is a bit like the 'forgotten vegetables' which became more popular during the last couple of years. Now I have to admit that fresh figs are not very easy to find, you almost have to go to the Turkish supermarket but luckily we tend to see them more often at regular grocery stores and supermarkets!

Miss Y has no shortage of figs, with an actual fig tree in her Italian garden! So therefore she also has the most delicious recipes we learned from her, now the fruit is being harvested in August. In Italy they mostly eat whatever nature has to offer at that particular moment (and you couldn't say no to that!). And not least important; fresh figs are super healthy! They are quite sweet, but do not contain that many calories and are good for your skin, metabolism, bones and heart.

For a lovely summer day, like we have so many right now (and already had), she has chosen this recipe for a delicious breakfast or lunch;

Crostinis with figs and mascarpone or ricotta (& honey!)

What you need for two persons (or if you like a heavier breakfast or lunch yourself);

  • Nice, fresh bread
  • 125 g ricotta of mascarpone
  • 2 or 3 ripe figs
  • Peeled walnuts
  • Honey

Roast the bread on both sides, in a regular toaster (or in a grill pan). Meanwhile cut the figs into slices. When the bread is still hot, smear the slices with a generous layer of ricotta or mascarpone and then cover with the fig slices. Spread some walnuts on the whole, and then sprinkle with honey.

Buon appetito!

Don't you like a heavy lunch (or bread)? A salad with burrata, figs and some lettuce with a good quality olive oil is also recommended for dinner or lunch. More recipes will follow, and you do not have to be a great cook for those. But you will definitely become one automatically in our Little Black Kitchen dress, the Yoek apron!