We make use of a great range of different fabrics for our fashion collections. Below you can find a short explanation of every material.


Yoek Dolce
The dolce material is one of our most used fabrics, consisting of micro polyester with elastane. The soft and comfortable material is used in every collection, in uni colours as well as in printed styles.



Yoek Linen
Since a few years, we are using linen in every summer collection. Linen is a natural product made from cellulose fibres of the flax plant. Since linen dries fast and is breathable, it is perfect for warm-weather days. You can recognize the linen styles by the ‘natural’ sign.


Yoek Cotton
The cotton styles are mostly basics, affordable and essential pieces to add to your wardrobe. Yoek mostly has tops and shirts in cotton. Nice to know: an organic cotton line will be added soon!


Yoek Voile
Our voile is a woven fabric feeling light on the skin and the material has a semi-sheer transparent look. The airy, feather-light pieces automatically have a chic appearance.


Yoek Ottoman
The Ottoman material is a vertical ribbed fabric with a subtle stretch for a flattering fit. This fabric has a slimming effect, you will look one size smaller!


Yoek Interlock
Compared to all of our other fabrics, interlock is a bit heavier and therefore it stays in shape easily. The material consists of viscose, polyester and elastane. The material feels luxurious and soft on the skin.


Yoek Coco
The range of coco styles is diverse, but all pieces will feel light and smooth on your skin. The fabric has a slightly shiny finish and look, consisting of polyamide with elastane.



Size Guide for Plus Sizes
Viscose is semi-organic; it is an artificial fibre with a natural origin. It wears extremely comfortable, just like cotton but it feels like silk. Viscose can be used for different kind of fabrics; from viscose jersey to viscose crepe.