Terms and Conditions Yoek Elite

> The reward system Yoek Elite will give you the opportunity to earn reward points.
As soon as you have earned 3000 points you will receive a discount code of € 25,-.
You can redeem the credit of € 25,- with your next online purchase after receiving the discount code.
You can enter the discount code in the checkout.

> You will start saving points, not euros.

> The reward points you have earned, cannot be exchanged for money.

> There are no items excluded (sale items are also included);
you will earn reward points on all items and you can also redeem your credit for items from the sale. You can not use the discount code when using another discount code already. Only one code can be used in the check-out.

> You can redeem the earned credit with the discount code which you will receive automatically as soon as you have earned 3000 reward points.

> The discount code will expire a year after you have received the e-mail with your personal code.

> The reward points earned with the purchase of an item, will be deducted of the total reward point amount, in case an item is returned.

> Reward points will only be earned, if you have placed an order while being logged into your account.
There is no possibility to add reward points to an account afterwards.

> In case you have used the discount code, but decide to return the item to us, then the reward points will be added to your account again.

> Yoek reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without any notice.
In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on the website immediately.

> The points are not transferable to another account.

> You will not receive any points with your order when you use the discount code.


Customer Details
You can register with an e-mail address. We will ask to enter the following details:

> First name
> Last name
> E-mail address
> Password
> Date of birth

We will not share your personal details with third parties, like other brands or marketing companies.


Delete Account
If you would like to delete information, please send an e-mail to: fashionadvisor@yoek.com.
Then we will take your request under advisement.